Sunday, 12 October 2014

#OccupyDemocracy – Occupy Parliament Square

Event details here: Democracy Action – Occupy Parliament Square

This week... many of us who feel that this 'democracy' is not behaving remotely like one, will unite in London for Occupy Democracy- Parliament Square.
Like symptoms of a vile disease that eats fairness, the list of wrongs to oppose is growing dangerously long:

- fracking and other unconventional energy techniques that put us at risk
- the privatisation of our essential services like the NHS
- the injustice of huge bank bailouts that require austerity to cover them
- the powerful influence of lobbyists and corporate interest over OUR system of government
- the tolerance of tax avoidance when it's big business but absurd penalties and intolerance when it's small
- the blatantly obvious self-interest of those who hold public office but use it for private gain
- the market system that makes financial considerations paramount and tolerates effects like fuel poverty, as mere collateral damage
- the aggressive response to incidents that takes us to war, bypasses diplomacy and make us vulnerable to the reactions of those we attack
- the spin and manipulation of news about all of the above in order to make it so convoluted and confusing, that most are excluded from the truth...
...the disease is in the organ at the heart of our country and it has turned our democracy into a facade that is rotted on the inside. Time to let it know WE are the cure.

The late Tony Benn had five questions of power:

1. What power do you have?
2. Where did you get it from?
3. To whom are you accountable?
4. In whose interest do you exercise it?
5. How can we get rid of you?

Together we are powerful


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Law vs Justice

For the past three years I have often been made to feel like I am a criminal; made to feel that my actions cause fear and that I am not entitled to justice because I made the decision to stop being taken through life according to some warped agenda I have no agreement with... and got active about it.

Because I care about the health and well-being of children, I would not choose energy techniques that take risks with the essentials for their lives - air and water. Therefore I protest and along with lots of others, work really hard to raise awareness about dangerous industries like unconventional energy, in order that we protect the things that matter.

That regular, everyday residents are having to do this ludicrous in itself. 

There don't appear to be genuine safeguards - just lobbyists with power/influence/money and a compliant system designed to let them have their way for the sake of 'the economy'. What about the sake of 'the community'? Who in office is genuinely looking out for our well-being as human beings?

Tomorrow the Nanas will be in court for part 2 of an action being taken against us and others who occupied a field. We did this primarily to alert the local community of their proximity to the proposed shale gas site and to raise awareness of the processes and risks involved. For the sake of proceedings, the case names me as the Defendant (a name was needed for the case to proceed WITH our involvement) and the landowner - with a lot of help, financing and encouragement from fracking company Cuadrilla - as the Claimant.

I have never been in this situation before and for a while, I have been a bit scared really; courts and law are serious matters and so much about the process is far beyond my knowledge and understanding. I am having to rely on a legal team I barely know (although their record is good and they seem to have good intent) and more than anything - the warm support by those glorious others also striving to stop fracking from proceeding in the UK.

I say 'have been' scared and I suppose I'm still a bit uncomfortable - but as time is passing and the time is drawing near, I am more determined and angry now. How dare this situation even exist - that a grandmother fulfilling her obligation to care for the generations she has produced, has had to battle her government, the energy industry, Councillors, police, heavily-financed PR/Marketing campaigns and all other manner of obstacles - simply because I have deep concerns about the safety of the air my granddaughter breathes and the water she drinks.

Wading through swathes of manipulated words in witness statements by Cuadrilla-financed individuals who know exactly what they are doing and how to take 'justice' and apply it for profit and example... I conclude that I can't play this game. I don't want to negotiate my way out of anything, I don't care to get off with the least harm and I will not say things just to make it so.

So what's the worst that can happen in court anyway... is it as bad as undrinkable water and air that harms your health? Can it possibly be as bad as a community suffering under the onslaught of this loud, smelly, lit-up, dangerous, intensive industry that is fracking?


They just want to stop residents showing opposition to fracking by making it clear that they have more money, more power and more influence and will use it to sue for tens of thousands I don't have. But money is not a drinkable, breathable thing I can bequeath to future generations - they can have everything I haven't got and then some - I'm saving a future not an income.

“We hope the court will extend the interim injunction against illegal trespass on local farmland. We hope that this action will prevent any recurrence.” Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s CEO

They also want to stop residents acting to stop the industry from drilling into our communities by making it clear that they have more money, more power and more influence and will use it to have injunctions put in place that prevent anyone acting to prevent their progress. But sites where fracking is planned are places that are part of where we live, our community - and protecting the environment we live in matters more than a ruling that pretends justice - but really only gives it to the few and applies limitations to the many.

The coach starts its journey in Fleetwood at 7:30am tomorrow, picking up here at 8 and then on to Manchester - all seats will be occupied by people I admire, respect and love - so the journey as honourable Nanas will be a joy. Others from this amazing community of activists from all over the place will be at the court too and this means so much more than anyone can imagine... time is the most precious thing we have and it is not easy to make space in an anti-fracking diary! Online too has been so very uplifting as people share the event, post words of support, reveal their understanding and I know... are thinking of us during the case.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow - it can't possibly stop those who know the risks of fracking, from continuing to do everything in their power to ensure it doesn't happen in ANY back yard.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow - it can't possibly take anything from the beautiful unity, determination and optimism we've been gifted in our roles as Nanas, Protectors, Activists, Residents...

Whatever the outcome tomorrow - I'm going home on a coach full of loveliness and that's a joy I wouldn't have any other way.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Nanas in Court... EVENT

THIS Wednesday 8th October 2014 our case returns to Manchester High Court to start by 10:15 am. Cuadrilla (the frackers) are supporting the landowner in the case and seek an injunction to keep us off the land that is currently under planning consideration for full-production fracking sites. The injunction if obtained would last up to planning application decisions at which time it will be re-considered. They are aiming to use a named Nana as an example by making her personally liable for tens of thousands in costs.

Named Nana Tina Louise-uk: "There is no point in worrying about all this though because it does not change our obligation to stop fracking - so just need to get on and once sorted - work out how to maximise any gains (ie: public awareness, indignation that residents seeking to protect their community are subject to costs of this magnitude - designed to put off others from standing against fracking and deter further actions.)

"That the Nanas will be together carrying ourselves with the determination and unity we have shown throughout this - is all I personally need to feel alright. Much love and luck to us all xxx"

If any are available to show court support it would be very deeply appreciated - we aim to arrive by 9:45am at:
Manchester High Court
Justice Centre
1 Bridge Street West
Greater Manchester
M60 9DJ

***We will be wearing Yellow & Black - the colours of the anti-fracking community - as we aren't allowed to wear our aprons or other items perceived as 'protest'... we encourage others to do the same - sunflowers too will feature :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Not in my Name

Wrote this when we were first attacking Iraq... so sad that it suits a re-release 

"Not in my Name"
Threats never uttered are whispered verbatim,
Creating fear of a hypothetical invasion,
As media strings play methodical hype,
Orchestrating the public, to conform to type.
Spoon fed with fear on news laden,
Heaped with visual connotations,
Of danger lurking at our doors,
Of certain death for those who ignore,
The hypothesis laid down as fact.
The incessant chitter, incessant chat,
Gets us addicted to leader's projection,
Junkies now for his brand of protection.
Dependent and needy,
Craving, hungry, greedy.
Surrounded by blue teeth grinning barbarity,
Sneering, seething images of vulgarity.
So our boys are pushed up to the wire,
Shot with drugs so they will not tire,
Of protecting their families at home,
From evil doers looking to dethrone,
The powers that watch over us;
The nervous dependent populous.
We must be saved from the supposed threat.
We must invade the terrorist nest.
We must kill the alien foe.
We must,
We must,
We must overthrow.
But first we must trust the source of the truths,
Before we feed the war, any more youths,
Before the troops, lose one more brave soul,
Before the powers, reach any more goals.
Before Libya and Syria,
Iran and North Korea,
Fall foul of our leaders' dictates of behaviour -
Refuse to appreciate us as their saviour,
Before we beat them into submission,
Maybe we could establish just whose permission,
Was granted before we shed so much blood,
Before a trickle was blasted into a flood.
Before the next purple tipped finger is crushed,
We must realise that "we the people" have been hushed,
For too long now, kept in our place,
As fellow humans are easily erased,
By bold leaders brandishing our names,
Claiming we desired all of this shame.
Not in my name, not in my name, not in my name.

Monday, 29 September 2014



Recorded whilst camping with the Nanas and considering the 3rd anniversary of Occupy London as it approaches and we face so many challenges and threats:


"We did everything legally and lawfully - First of all
we went to the toolbox marked 'Democracy' and said "OK what's available to
us in our community to prevent this from causing harm". So we went through
everything, petitions, objections to planning ... This year we put in 14,000
objection letters ...

But we're fighting this ridiculous PR & marketing
campaign, not just by the industry, but by our own government trying to shove
this down our throats

You only have to look at what our politicians do after they
stop being politicians. And you can tell who they gave the favours to by who
they're working for now. can't talk to people about fixing the system, without
them first being acutely aware that it's broken. Because, like Balcombe - most
people didn't know that it was broken until they had to call on it for help ..
and suddenly when you call on it for help, you realise it's a fa├žade

Make time to be outraged.

I have to do it because if I don't, I leave this mess for my
granddaughter to clean up.

So, get to Parliament Square, get to a local anti-fracking
group, form a group, be a lone protester. Stand outside what annoys you most
and do something, but just do something."

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Reaching for the matches...

I have felt a lot like Russell Brand about voting ie: how the hell could I choose a 'best' when I despised and mistrusted the choices? BUT... I have looked at this from all sorts of angles and as far as I can see - there is little chance of changing the system of government into an honest, people-serving body (or scrapping it and starting over), without infesting it with unselfish, good-intentioned people first. Once diseased with people like us - it can be re-formed into a thing that serves our needs; in a transparent and clinical way (not darkly corrupted by self-serving, connected individuals acting for their own agendas).
So for me I am going to put some energy into our system of government - and the only party I have found to support is the Green Party. Not sure if this party changed or if it has only come seriously into view as a result of independent media/internet/social networks etc.? I was genuinely surprised when I discovered the policies of the Green Party - not only in relation to fracking but across the board I find myself in agreement: education, employment, public ownership etc. I also respect this bit: "policies that can only be changed via democratic majority voting at 6 monthly conferences". When we get a party in office based on the promises they made to win votes - they don't then involve us in the decisions they go on to make about the other stuff that happens outside of the policies they mentioned at the start. So we get 5 years of them working without our input - doesn't read like a democracy, feel like one or in any way resemble one.

We grew the anti-fracking movement over the past three years from a handful of groups to over 280 now (and still growing) - residents across the country have become ACTIVE in the defence of communities - perhaps if those active people were willing to put themselves forward for roles as Councillors or MPs (or actively support those who do)... we could overwhelm the system with our determination and begin to get ownership of our government back. I know there is a bit of 'implied inevitability' about us ending up with a blue or red party in the house... but there was a whole heap of 'implied inevitability' about fracking too and that's not proving a smooth journey for the bad guys.

Anti-frackers could apply their good intent to politics to great effect... hmmm  ‪#‎ActivePolitics‬ 

I don't know anyone who (if they are aware of the truth) wants fracking nor do I know anyone who believes war is the answer to the problems we face and yet our government is currently pursuing both with a fervor and doing so in the name of the British people.

Just thought of an analogy ... I don't want to keep fighting the fire - I want to make sure the bad guys don't control the matches.