Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Women's Call for Calm...

In the Morning... our 17th Call. We do this Women's Call for Calm each Wednesday at a site where tensions run high, along with frustration, anger, dismay and sadness... we do this to pause the crazy that it is - to shine some light in the darkness, be the witness, hold peaceful purpose and contrast shades of activism. Our way is to represent as mothers and grandmothers. Those involved in violent actions/re-actions are the sons and daughters of other mothers - who if they were here, would call for an end to the harms being endured. We stand in place of the absent mothers and grandmothers as we hope others would, if our young were caught in conflict. Please join us for this or future Wednesday if you can *Wednesday 13th December is looking to be a big one if you can note it in diaries xxx Event page here: Event details from the page:
***NOVEMBER 2017 update:
We're now doing this weekly event in solidarity with others - many have joined the silence online and shared with us and now there are some who will gather together where they are too. We hope this action - the Call for Calm - can happen anywhere that conflict needs to be calmed or attention drawn. Please join us today or any Wednesday for a 15 minute silence at 11am where you are or where you can gather with others to be ♥............................................[Nana call out to ALL women... we need you to bring the power of our sisterhood to confront the violence being endured by the peaceful sons and daughters of other mothers... and to shame those who harm them.

The violent handling of peaceful Protectors by security and police at the gates to the growing fracking site on Preston New Road in Lancashire, is what caused this action to be started. From appallingly dangerous and aggressive driving by suppliers, to heavy-handed policing and untamed security guards lashing out - we have borne this without resorting to violence in return.

We call on women to come and be representative of the mothers and grandmothers of those who are part of this violent scene - this action is to demand safety for our peaceful Protectors, for a calming of the aggression by authorities and to recognise our human rights to protest.

We stand together in a period of silent protest to be the calm we wish to see and following this, have messages from other women who are facing challenges across the world. The event is for just a couple of hours to enable maximum availability for those with carer responsibilites, school-runs and jobs to consider... hoping that if you join us, we can make our stand as many. Each and every WEDNESDAY with the silence at 11am.

In order to raise visibility and unity - if you can, please WEAR WHITE.

Nothing more is required other than your presence... we will spend some time in silence and the rest in speaking out if we choose. Come feel the unity and be part of this call for the humane treatment of Protectors and respect for the non-volent way that all have conducted themselves at this site since 5th January 2017.

Checklist if you're coming:
-Arrive by 9:30am at MAPLE FARM (just down the hill from the site at PR4 3PE near World of Water) to walk up to the site mostly together :)
-Finish when you choose after the silence finishes around 11:15am
-Wear white clothing
-Bring your words & your silence
-Bring a female friend ♥

Please come and join us as we call for calm where there is turmoil ♥

Our actions at the site are not the only ones and other groups and plans may occur - there are though safe places to be and you can walk away if you choose.

***If you CAN'T make it... please take a photo of yourself in support and add it to this event page ♥ HASHTAG (to add onto your photo): #CallForCalm


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Yesterday the police harmed me and others - not gravely but they did it and they intended to do it. They've done this before but my first-hand knowledge did not exist before yesterday.
............................. Today I find myself looking in the mirror at the bruises on the underside of my upper arms and trying to decide if these are ‘reasonable’ and whether I should make a fuss – after-all, if I was an activist in a less ‘democratic’ country, I could be facing imprisonment, serious injury, shooting or death… then I wonder at what it is to bring me to measure my life against this vile benchmark of inhumanity. I’m trying to be ‘fair’ and yet I realise it’s only me in this one-sided relationship with our police that is doing this. They weren’t fair yesterday when they made the bruises on me – an under 5ft woman aged 55 and without body building abs or any self-defence or fighting skills. I just tried to stand still – like we all do when we peacefully act to slow or stop industry progress. Of course I would be pushed from where I was by a wall of police – I know this but what I don’t expect is the addition of very painful arm pinching, tight body-hugging and strangulation... again I’m trying to weigh up if this word is ‘unfair’ or disproportionate – one of the 3-4 police officers that were on my body,., deliberately wrapped his thick arm around my neck and pulled back tight enough for me to fear for my next breath... yes then I'll go with 'strangulation'. It was dark all around me within moments of the first bit of shoving by the police line behind me – I expected to be marched across the now-closed bit of road and that would be that… but the dark was the genuinely shocking draping of three large male bodies on top of my small female one… the weight, the pushing and the sense of suffocation was confusing and the size of them blacked out light and all I recall is a small glimmer of road through the cracks in body mass. NO I was not seriously harmed… I’ll be ok but IT’S NOT OK. It’s not OK that an adult who got up and went to his professional job, in a uniform as a police officer, thought pinching and strangulation were ‘appropriate force’ – these were not accidental manoeuvres or things I can write off as simply a matter of the clash of bodies in a tense situation – they were deliberate acts. But what for? What was the intent? What went through the minds of these officers when they did these things? It wasn’t ‘dear god I’m at risk of harm, quickly stop this huge opponent’ that’s for sure… so what was it? They either panicked with fear (doubt this) or they CHOSE to inflict unnecessary pain because it either brought them perverse pleasure to do so .. or? Can’t think of an ‘or’. They behaved as sick, twisted abusers and there is NO PLACE FOR THIS IN OUR POLICE FORCE OR ANYWHERE. I raged after the incident and continue to now... yet tomorrow, I will try to find some bloody way to put this horrid reality down, take a 15 minute silence amongst the soothing wave of women in white and onward to another week of this absurd reality of protecting ourselves from a clearly corrupt and sick government and the industries that work hand-in-hand with it.
Women's Call 16